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The literal meaning of Manipur is "Land of jewels". These jewels are in the form of emerald lakes, Blue Mountains, foaming waterfalls and exotic wildlife. It is claimed to be the birthplace of the equestrian sport of polo. Manipur's dance forms are based on "Raas Lila" linked to the life of Lord Krishna.

General Information

  • Latitudes : 24° 49′ 01″N / 24.81
  • Longitudes : 93° 57′ 00″E / 93.95
  • Time zone : IST (UTC + 5:30)
  • Area : 22,327 square kilometer (8,621 square miles)
  • Capital : Imphal
  • Temperature : Maximum 32° C and Minimum - 2° C
  • Rainfall : 1467.5 millimeters
  • ISO abbreviation : IN-MN
  • Districts : Nine (9)
  • Population : 23,88,634
  • Density : 107 / kilometer square
  • Official Language : English, Hindi & Meiteilon (Manipuri)
  • Sex Ratio : 978 female per 1000 male
  • Male Population : 12,07,338
  • Female Population : 11,81,296
  • Literacy Rate : 14, 29,656 (68.87%)
  • Nearest Railway Station : Dimapur
  • Nearest Airport : Guwahati (Assam). Imphal
  • Major Towns : Imphal, Dimapur
  • Rivers : Barak, Manipur, Imphal, Iril, Nambul, Sekmai, Chakpi, Thoubal and Khuga, Irang, Maku, Tuivai.
  • Snow Fall : Occasional
  • Major Crops : Timber, bamboo, rubber, tea, coffee, orange, cardamom
  • Highest Peak : Saramati (3,841 metres),Mount Iso Peak (2,994 meters)
  • Major Minerals : Lime Stone, Marble & Decorative Stone, Petroleum & Natural Gas, Nickle, Cobalt, Chromium, Basalt, Chert, Dunite, Gabbro, Granodiorite, Serpentine, Spilite, Pyroxenite, Quartzite
  • Major Tribes : Sumi, Lothas, Angami, Ao, Kuki, Chakhesang , Chang, Khiamniungan, Konyak, Phom, Pochury, Rongmei, Rengma, Sangtam, Yimchungru, Zeliang

Places to See in Manipur

Imphal, Kaina, Churachandpur, Tamenglong, Khwairamband Bazaar, Manipur Zoological Garden (6 km. from Imphal), Senapati, Ukhrul, Loktak Lake, Sendra Island, Langthabal, Moirang - Manipur State Museum

Adventure Activities in Manipur

Trekking: Loktak - Lamdan Polo: Manipur Archery – Manipur

Festivals and Fairs of Manipur

  • Yaoshang Festival (February/March)
  • Cheiraoba Festival (April)
  • Kang Festival (July)
  • Kut Festival
  • Ramazan-Eid - The Festival of Manipuri Muslims
  • Heiku Hidongba (September)
  • Ningol Chakouba Festival (November)
  • Chumpha Festival (December)
  • Lui-Ngai-IMi (15th Feb) (December/January)
  • Kut (1st Nov)

Wildlife of Manipur

  • Keibul Lamjao National Park
  • Manipur Zoological Garden (6 km from Imphal)

Pilgrimage / Places of worship in Manipur

  • Shri Govindji Temple (Imphal)
  • Shri Gopinath Mandir (Imphal)
  • Vishnu Temple (Bishnupur)

Art and Craft of Manipur

  • Cane and Bamboo (Utilities)
  • Wood Carving (Wooden Tray, Spoon and Drum etc)
  • Textile Weaving
  • Dolls and Toys
  • Stone-Carving (Bowls, Candle-stands, Grinders, Flower-vases, Plates, etc)
  • Block Printing (Printing on Pillow-covers, Towels and Bed-sheets)
  • Kauna (Water Reed) Mat (Mats and Cushion)
  • Hand-Embroidery

Dance and Music of Manipur

Khullong Ishei (Folk Song), Pena Ishei (Folk Song), Lai Haraoba Ishei (Folk Song), Khamba Thoibi dance, Maibi Dance, Pung Cholom, Ras Lila, Nupa Pala

Cuisine of Manipur

Ngri (roasted fish and fried fish), Yongchak singju, Monica gi chakum, Aloo mattar and smoked fish, Bora (A kind of pakora), Kanghau, Khajing bora.

Connectivity of Manipur

By Air: The state has an airport in its capital Imphal, which is well connected with Indian cities like Delhi, Kolkata and Guwahati.

By Rail: Manipur does not have any train service. But there are other north-eastern cities like Guwahati, Dimapur, Silchar which have railway stations and are serviced by important trains to and from the rest of the country.

By Road: The road network is quite efficient in Manipur. National Highway 39 connects Manipur with major cities like Guwahati, Dimapur, Kohima, Silchar in the north-eastern part on India.

Important Information

STDCode : Imphal 0385, Churchandpur 03874, Bishnupur 03879

Summer : March to May
Monsoon : June to September
Post-Monsoon : October to November
Winter : December to February

Main Languages : Manipur(Meiteilon), Hmar, Tangkhul, Paite, Kuki, English

Imphal Imphal, the capital of Manipur is spread over an area of 30 square kilometers. It is the centre of all cultural and commercial activities. Imphal derives its name from yumpham, literally means homestead. It is a beautiful city and is situated...
Churachandpur Churachandpur is tribal towns known for its local handicrafts which are available in abundance and is the district headquarters. Best period to visit this place is September to February. Monsoon is heavy and leads to landslide. Landslides...
Ukhrul Another destination of Manipur, Ukhrul is 83 kilometers east of Imphal, is the highest hill - station of Manipur. Siroi hills and KhangKhui lime caves are excellent excursion destinations and can be covered within a day. The colourful Tangkhul...
Tamenglong Tamenglong exhibits the pristine beauty of Manipur. This place is gifted with hills, narrow valleys and forests with rich variety of flora and fauna, the hilltops and valley sides are scattered with small hamlets which are inhabited by...
Moreh It’s international north eastern border town on the national highway Number 39, surrounded by hills, mountains & rivers. An international place, 110 kilometers from Imphal is this border town is located on the Indo - Myanmar Road,...
Keibul Lamjao National Park
Keibul Lamjao National Park This is a unique park, it is the only floating National park in the whole world and is spread over an area of 40 square kilometers. This is the last natural habitat of the marsh - dwelling brow - antlered deer of Manipur...
Bishnupur Original called Lumlangdong (now Lamangdong), the historical town of Bishnupur is at a distance of 27 kilometers from Imphal, the capital of Manipur. Preferable time to travel is October to February. Bishnupur or the land of dancing deer’s...
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This place is also called as the ‘queen of the hills’. This place is invariably a paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

Kaziranga NP

Kaziranga NP

Kaziranga National Park is a Oldest and the most famous sanctuary in Assam bounded by the Brahmaputra river and the Mikir hills in the Golaghat...



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