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Mizoram is one place where everybody is treated with equality. There are no social classes as in most parts of India, and no discrimination of sexes. Hospitality is considered to be of paramount importance here. The people of this hilly and picturesque state are of Mongoloid descent and skilful with their hands. Fairs and festivals in Mizoram are always a treat to watch.

General Information

  • Latitudes : 21 degree 58' & 24 degree 35' N
  • Longitudes : 92o 15' & 93o 29' E
  • Area : 21,087 Square Kilometers, With Assam - 123 kilometers, With Tripura - 277 kilometers
  • Inter State Border : with Manipur - 95 kilometers, With Myanmar - 404 kilometers
  • International Border : With Bangladesh  - 318 kilometers
  • Capital : Aizawl
  • Temperature : 11o - 21oC in winter & 20o - 30oC in summer
  • Average rainfall : 250 per annum
  • Population : 8,91,058
  • Female Population : 4,31,275
  • Male Population : 4,59,783
  • Sex Ratio : 938 female per 1000 male
  • Literacy : 88.49 (Second Highest in the country)
  • Highest Point : Phawngpui (Blue Mountain) 2,210/2065 M
  • Religion : Christian
  • Languages : English, Mizo, Hindi.
  • No. of Assembly Constituency : 40
  • District : 8
  • Autonomous District Council : 3
  • State Animal : Serow (Saza)
  • State Bird : Hume's Bartailed Pheasant (Vavu)
  • State Flower : Dancing Girl (Aiting)
  • State Tree : Mesual Ferrea/Nahar (Herhse)
  • Longest River : Tlawng 185.15 kilometers

Places to See in Mizoram

Aizawl, The capital of Mizoram, Lawngtlai, Lunglei, Champai, Kolasib, Phawngpui, Sibuta Lung, Thangliana Lung, Suangpuilawn Inscriptions, Tualchang

Adventure in Mizoram

Trekking & Mountaineering: Champai - Phawngpui - Lunglei Town - Phawngpui National Park - Aizwal - Reiek tlang -Aizwal - Hmuifang Hang

Caves of Mizoram

Pukzing Cave, Kungawrhi Puk, Lamsial Puk, Khuangchera pak

Lakes of Mizoram

Tamdil Lake (Aizawl District), Palak Lake (Chhimtuipui District), Rungdil Lake (Suangpuilawn Village)

Festivals and Fairs on Mizoram

  • Chapchar Kut (March)
  • Anthurium Festival (June)
  • Thalfavang Kut (November)
  • Christmas (December)

Wildlife of Mizoram

  • Murlen National Park
  • Tualchang Wildlife Sanctury
  • Vanhimailian Wildlife Park
  • Ngengpui Wildlife Park
  • Khawanglung Wildlife Park
  • Thorangtlang Wildlife Park

Heritage of Mizoram

Phawnpui, Sibuta lung, Phulpui Grove, Pangzawal, Chhingpui, Mangkahia Lung, Lunguandawt, Tualchang, Vanhimailian

Pilgrimage / Places of worship in Mizoram

  • Mizoram Presbyterian Church
  • Baptist Church of Mizoram
  • Evangelical Church of Maraland
  • Salvation Army
  • Seventh-day Adventist Church
  • Lairam Jesus Christ Baptist Church (LIKBK)
  • The Pentecostals

Art and Craft in Mizoram

  • Cane & Bamboo Craft (Hats made of cane, bamboo cones, japis and circular boxes, traditional headgear)
  • Basketry (Tlamen, Paiem and Dawrawn)
  • Weaving (Puans, Puan Dum, Puan Chei, Puon Zeh, Zawl Puon, Puon Laisen, Thangchhuah puan, Ngotekherh

Dance and Music in Mizoram

Khuallam, Cheraw, Sarlamkai/Solakia, Chailam, Chawnglaizawn, Chheihlam

Cuisine of Mizoram

Lentils, Bamboo shoots, Fish, Pork, Chicken, Wild Game Meat, Rice, Local Wine, (Zu) Tea

Connectivity of Mizoram

By Air: The state has its airport in the capital city of Aizawl. Several airlines operate regular flights to and from Aizawl. Important cities in the rest of India like Kolkata, Imphal are linked to Aizawl by air.

By Rail: The state does not have any railway station in its boundary. The most convenient Railway Station is Silchar, which is a 6/8 hours drive from Aizawl. Silchar is serviced by important trains and is linked to the rest of India with convenient railway network.

By Road: The road network in the state is quite convenient. National Highway 54 connects the capital city Aizawl with the rest of the country through Silchar. Aizawl is also accessible from other important north-eastern cities in India like Shillong (450kms) and Guwahati (506kms)

Important Information

STD Zone : Aizawl-I 0389, Champai-I 03831, Demagiri 03834

Summer : March to May
Monsoon : June to August
Autumn : September to October
Winter : November to February

Main Languages : Mizo

Aizwal The state capital of Mizoram. Aizawl came into being as a fortified post on the recommendation of Mr. Dally of the Assam Military Police Battalion in the spring of 1890. It is now 112 years old and is situated at an altitude of 400 feet...
Champhai It is located in the eastern part of Mizoram and is the district headquarters of Champhai. It is 194 kilometers from Aizawl, the capital. The climate is cool and healthy and the emerald town of Champhai offers a clean view of the...
Vantawang Water Fall
Vantawang Water Fall This fall is located 152 kilometers away from Aizawl and is the highest waterfall of Mizoram having a fall of 750 feets. Vantawng Khawhthla Waterfall is surrounded by lush green tropical forests filled with bamboo groves....
Phawngpui (Blue Mountain)
Phawngpui (Blue Mountain) Blue Mountain is located 300 kilometers away from Aizawl, lying adjacent to Maynmar. It is located in the southern most part of Mizoram in Saiha district, within the political boundary of Lai Autonomous District...
Lunglei Lunglei, a district headquarter town of South Mizoram. It is also the second largest town in Mizoram and is situated at a distance of 235 kilometers from Aizawl. It has great natural beauty of landscape and is rich in flora....
Saiha It is located 378 kilometers away from Aizawl, and is the district headquarters of the Mara Autonomous District Council in the southern most part of Mizoram. Siaha in the local Mara language is 'Sia' for Masia which means elephant and...
Dampa Tiger Reserve
Dampa Tiger Reserve Dampa is situated in the western part of Mizoram on the international border with Bangladesh about 127 kilometers from Aizawl. It covers an area of approximately 550 Square kilometers. Dampa Tiger Reserve cum Wildlife Sanctuary...
Ngengpui Wildlife Sanctuary
Ngengpui Wildlife Sanctuary This 120 odd square kilometers of protected and mature rainforest is nestled in the valley of the river Ngengpui is South Mizoram. The wildlife sanctuary is close to Lawngtlai town, which is the headquarters of the...
Murlen National Park
Murlen National Park Murlen National Park is located 245 kilometers away from Aizawl lying close to the Indo – Myanmar border in Champhai district. The area is protected and preserved by the state government and is the home for precious...
Palak Lake Reserve Forest
Palak Lake Reserve Forest This cool and virgin forest is located 378 kilometers way from Aizawl in the southern most corner of Mizoram within Saiha district covering an area of 15.50 square kilometers. The biggest lake in Mizoram,...
Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary
Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary Situated in the eastern part, adjacent to the Murlen National Park, within Champhai district, Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary covers an area of 80 square kilometers and is at a distance of nearly 200 kilometers from...
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This place is also called as the ‘queen of the hills’. This place is invariably a paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

Kaziranga NP

Kaziranga NP

Kaziranga National Park is a Oldest and the most famous sanctuary in Assam bounded by the Brahmaputra river and the Mikir hills in the Golaghat...



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