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In Nagaland you can encounter as many as sixteen major tribes. Each attired in awe-inspiring ceremonial regalia in vibrant colours with emblazoned ancestral motifs. The Nagas have a fancy for costumes which shows itself in the mushrooming of fashion designing organizations which blend the traditional with the modern. Customs, festivals, folklore, music and robust dances create a vibrant atmosphere.

General Information

  • Latitudes : 25°6' and 27°4' North
  • Longitudes : 93°20' E and 95°15' E.
  • Area : 16,579 square kilometers 
  • Capital : Kohima
  • Temperature : 21° to 40° C in summer & below 4° C in winter
  • Rainfall : 250 centimeter and above
  • ISO abbreviation : IN NL
  • Districts : 11
  • Population : 1,988,636 
  • Density : 120 /  square kilometers
  • Official Language : English
  • Sex Ratio : 978 Females per ‘000 Males
  • Female Population : 934659
  • Literacy Rate : 56.94%
  • Nearest Railway Station : Dimapur
  • Nearest Airport : Dimapur, Guwahati
  • Major Towns : Dimapur,  Mokokchung, Tuensang, Wokha, Mon, Zunheboto
  • Rivers : Doyang, Dhiku, Barak and Chindwin
  • Snow Fall : Frost at higher altitude
  • Major Crops : rice, millets, pulses, tobacco, oilseeds,  sugarcane, potatoes, corn,  and fibres
  • Major Peaks : Mount Saramati (3,840 meters / 12599 feet)
  • Major Minerals : Lime Stone, Marble & Decorative Stone, Petroleum & Natural Gas, Nickle, Cobalt, Chromium, Basalt, Chert, Dunite, Gabbro, Granodiorite, Serpentine, Spilite, Pyroxenite, Quartzite
  • Major Tribes : Sumi, Lothas, Angami, Ao, Kuki, Chakhesang , Chang, Khiamniungan, Konyak, Phom, Pochury, Rongmei, Rengma, Sangtam, Yimchungru, Zeliang

Places to See in Nagaland

Dimapur, Kohima, the capital city of Nagaland, Kiphire, Longleng, Peren, NAGA Heritage Village (kisama) Kohima, Mokochung, Mon, Phek

Adventure Activities in Nagaland

Trekking: Dzukou Valley - Mokokchung - Pungro - Mount Tiyi - Satoi Range - Mount Totsu - Japfu Peak

Festivals and Fairs of Nagaland

  • Sekrenyi Festival (February)
  • The Aoleang Monyu festival (April)
  • Moatsu Festival (May)
  • Tuluni Festival (July)
  • Yemshe Festival (October)
  • Hornbill Festival (December)

Wildlife of Nagaland

  • Fakim Wildlife Sanctuary (Near Mayanmar border)
  • Itanki Wildlife Sanctuary (Peren)

Pilgrimage / Places of worship in Nagaland

Catholic Cathedral (Kohima)

Heritage in Nagaland

  • Dimapur Ruins (Dimapur)
  • Memorials of Mr. G.H. Damout, Major Cook and Subedar Nurbir Sahi (Khonoma)
  • Stone Cairn to the memory of Mr. Damut (Kohima)
  • Lt. H.Forbe's Grave (Suchima)

Art and Craft of Nagaland

  • Bamboo Work
  • Wood Carving
  • Pottery
  • Blacksmith Spinning

Dance and Music of Nagaland

Zeliang Dance, Zemis Dance, Heliamelu, Hekialeu

Cuisine of Nagaland

Fish Fried Rice, Dal and Eggs, Poak, Galho, Hornet Bee, Noodles soup

Connectivity of Nagaland

By Air: The state has its airport in Dimapur, which is regularly serviced by major airlines.

By Rail: The major railhead in the state is Dimapur, which is linked to Guwahati, the gateway to the northeastern India.

By Road: A good road network covers the state. The state capital Kohima is linked to Shillong and Guwahati, which are important cities in north-eastern India.

Important Information

STD Code: Dimapur 03862, Kohima 0370, Mon 03869, Tuensang 03861, Mokochang - 0364, Pher - 03865

Summer: March to may
Monsoon: June to September
Winter: October to February

Main Languages : Naga, Nagamese, English, Ao, Tenyidie

Dimapur The city is situated at an altitude of 145 meters above sea level. Best time to Travel is through out the year. The weather conditions are hot and humid in the plains during summer with maximum temperature rising up to 39 C, while the winters...
Kohima It is one of the Nagaland towns with Municipal council status along with Dimapur and Mokokchung. The name “Kew Hi" is the name of a plant that grows on the mountainside. "Kew Hi Ma" means "the men of the land where...
Mokokchung It is one of the great centers of the Ao Naga tradition. The prowess of the Ao warriors is reflected in gorgeous red and black shawls with the white decorated band that signified their victory over their enemies. The two main festivals...
Mon Mon brings to one’s mind, pictures of Chiefs, tattooed faces of Konyaks and muzzle loading guns which the ingenious Konyaks manufacture. It is 57 kilometers from Kohima via Dimapur and 280 kilometers from Dimapur. Mon headquarters, home...
Phek Phek is the district headquarter and the home of the Chakhesang (a combination of three tribals; ‘Cha’ of Chekru, ‘Khe’ of Khezhe and ‘Sang’ of Sangtam). The ulture and customs of the Chakesang is very different...
Tuensang Just as Nagaland is miniature India, with so many communities and languages, Tuensang is small Nagaland with six different tribes - Changs, Yimhungers, Khiamniungans, Sangtums, Phoms and Semas. It is located at an elevation of 1,371.60 meters....
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This place is also called as the ‘queen of the hills’. This place is invariably a paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

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