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The erstwhile princely state of Tripura is about two-thirds forest covered with an abundance of lakes and wildlife sanctuaries. Jampui Hill is a quaint hill station and holiday resort. A blend of architecture ranging from magnificent palaces to Buddhist and Hindu temples with rock cut carvings are a common sight here. The Mata Tripureswari Temple at Udaipur is the most often visited. The tribals of the state present a unique cultural heritage

General Information

  • Latitudes : 22°56' and 24°32' North
  • Longitudes : 90°09' and 92°20' East
  • Area : 10,492 square kilometers
  • Capital : Agartala
  • Temperature : - 2° - 16° C in winter & 10° - 25° C in summer
  • Time zone IST : UTC + 5:30
  • ISO abbreviation : IN-TR
  • Districts : 4
  • Population : 3,191,168
  • Official Language : Bengali, Kokborak
  • Male Population : 1,636,138
  • Female Population : 1,555,030
  • Population Density : 304 / square kilometers
  • Literacy Rate : 73.66%
  • Nearest Railway Station : Kumarghat, Dharmanagar
  • Nearest Airport : Ushabazar (Agartala)
  • Major Towns : Agartala, Kumarghat, Dharmanagar, Kailashar, Teliamura, Badharghat, Pratapgarh, Barjala, Khowai, Sonamura, Gandhigram, Kamalpur
  • % of forest cover (2000) : 57.77
  • Major crops : Rice, Sugar cane, Cotton, Jute, Mesta
  • Major plantations : Tea, Rubber, Coffee
  • Fruits, vegetables & spices : Banana, Pineapple, Orange, Mango, Guava, Litchi, Potato, Papaya, Tomato
  • Major Minerals : Fire Clay, Quartz, Silica sand

Places to see in Tripura

Agartala, Deotamura, Pilak, Unakoti, Jampui Hill, Ujjayanta Palace, Kunjaban Palace, Malancha Niwas, Tripura Government Museum

Fairs and festivals in Tripura

  • Pous-Sankranti Mela (January)
  • Tirthamukh (January/February)
  • Garia and Gajan Festival (April)
  • Ashokastami Festival (April)
  • Kharchi Puja (July)
  • Ker Puja
  • Durga Puja (October/ November)
  • Ganga Puja
  • Rasha Festival (November)

Wildlife of Tripura

  • Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary (Near Agartala)
  • Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary (Agartala)
  • Gondacherra Wild Life Sanctuary (Agartala)
  • The Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary (Agartala)

Pilgrimage / Places of worship in Tripura

  • Tripura Sundari Temple / Matabari (Udaipur)
  • Bhuvaneswari Temple (Udaipur)
  • Jagannatha Temple (Udaipur)
  • Chaturdasha Devta Temple (Old Agartala)
  • Uma Maheshwar Temple (Udaipur)
  • Buddha Temple (Kanchanpur)
  • Benu Ban Bihara (Agartala)

Heritage sites in Tripura

  • Tripura Castle (Agartala)
  • Tripura Government Museum
  • Neermahal,Water Palace (Agartala)
  • Ujjayanta Palace (Agartala)
  • Royal Heritage Tripura Castle

Art and craft of Tripura

  • Cane Work
  • Bamboo work
  • Handicrafts and Handloom
  • Basketry
  • Smoking Pipes
  • Fish Traps
  • Fish Baskets
  • Tripura tribal Jewellery

Dance and Music of Tripura

Garia Dance, Lebang Boomani Dance, Hozagiri Dance, Bizu Dance, Hai - Hak Dance, Wangala Dance, Welcome Dance

Cuisine of Tripura

Mui Borok, Berma (Dried and Fermented Fish), Chakhwi, Mwkhwi, Muitru

Connectivity of Tripura

By Air: The main airport of the state is located in Agartala, the state capital. Agartala is connected with all the major airports of the country, Kolkata, Delhi, Guwahati etc.

By Rail: Kumarghat is linked by railways to Guwahati, which is in turn connected to the rest of the country. Agartala is well connected to Lumding & Silchar by daily Agartala Lumding express.

By Road: National Highway No.44 connects Agartala to Guwahati via Shillong in 24 hours.

Important Information

STD Code: Agartala 0381, Neermahal & Melagarh 0381

Summer: March to May
Monsoon: June to September
Winter: October to February

Main Languages : Tripuri, Bengali, Kuki

Agartala Within its small geographical area, Tripura offers plenty of attractions for the tourists in the form of magnificent palaces; splendid rock cut carvings and stone images, important temples of Hindus and Buddhists, vast natural lakes, beautiful...
Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary
Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary Located at a distance of 35 kilometers from Agartala, and on the highway connecting Agartala with Udaipur, the districts headquarter of south Tripura district passes through it. The sanctuary covers an area of 18.53...
Neermahal Neermahal, the water palace, built in 1930 by Maharaja Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya. It was a summer resort and is located at a distance of about 55 kilometers from Agartala. It is one of the good combinations of assimilation between...
Udaipur Udaipur is a town in the Indian state of Tripura. This city is famous for the Tripura Sundari temple. It is also the head - quarters of South Tripura district and is about 55 kilometers from Agartala. The city is situated on the...
Pilak The place lies at a distance of almost 100 kms from Agartala, and the place has a good archeological value for its archeological remains of eighth / ninth centuries. Pilak falls under Belonia subdivision and a treasure house for Buddhist...
Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary
Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary This sanctuary is situated in South Tripura District. It is 18 kilometers away from the sub divisional town of Belonia and is connected with Agartala by state highway. It can be approached either from Belonia in...
Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary
Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary It is a sanctuary in South Tripura district located in south east corner of the state. It has an area of 389.54 square kilometers. Adjoining to the sanctuary there is a vast water reservoir / sparkling water body covering...
Dumboor Lake
Dumboor Lake Dumboor with a water area of 41 square kilometers, with an unending spell of luxuriant green vegetation all around stands majestic for her exceedingly charming beauty and hold a great appeal for tourists out for day in the...
Jampui Hills
Jampui Hills Tripura claims a prominent place in North East India for her exquisite natural beauty spots punctuated with lush green sylvan treasure. The luxuriant forests of Jampui, the premier one among the 6 principal hill ranges of...
Unakoti Unakoti, 178 kms from Agartala, is deservedly reputed for its 7th – 9th century stone and rock cut images, deep in the forests near Kailashahar. The worship of Shiv Shakti is an old tradition in Tripura and this is beautifully...
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This place is also called as the ‘queen of the hills’. This place is invariably a paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

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